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Starfire Diamonds is a boutique jewellery atelier that features interchangeable jewellery ideas in silver, gold and platinum with gemstones and pearls.  The atelier's design takes a contemporary design approach inspired by the Japanese poetry form - Haiku, emphasising simplicity, intensity and directness of expression. 

The brief was to create a more intimate atelier as the owner was impressed by the smaller jewellers that she encountered in Europe where she felt that the customers were engaged on a personal level. Classy traditional materials were used in the interior, which offer a luxurious and upmarket look, yet without being too intimidating.  This is complemented by a rich ebony timber floor that contrasts with the corporate black

Opting for a flexible yet elegant store layout to allow customers' ease of browsing while prioritising security, we incorporated island displays to the store which imperceptibly guides the flow of movement.  Different lighting styles, valance and ambience are well articulated to illuminate the precious jewels.

starfire diamonds

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